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BP TEC has a long history with excavation. Our operators have been on construction equipment nearly their whole lives and can do just about anything with the machinery. Along with the operating experience, they are skilled at reading construction plans, site grades, and site markings to ensure your project, big or small, has sturdy foundations, with no problems in years to come.



BP TEC has numerous years of experience in excavation. Digging foundations for additions and new constructions is a 2nd nature for our highly skilled operators. Our operators don't just sit in their machine either... We pride ourselves on locating utilities, and taking the time to do things the correct way, to prevent any damage to  the construction site.

Grading and Drainage


Living in the Midwest, you run into a lot of grading and drainage issues. Water and Frost can potentially ruin or change any buildings, driveways, patios, or sidewalks. BP TEC can prevent and fix those problems! With all of our experience, we've seen it all. We know how to work in and take out proper materials to make sure your property does not get changed or ruined by our harsh weather.



BP TEC is equipped with all the tools for any construction needs. From building a boulder wall, to complying with DNR regulations, we can help get your project done the right way.

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